Solar fences for agriculture

Multiple benefits

Fences with multiple applications

Many farmers have been setting a good example in renewable energy production for years. But not everywhere the roofs are optimally suited for a rooftop PV system. An intelligent alternative and addition to this is the bifacial solar fence – the fence that finances itself.

The fence is a solar system and boundary in one and can also serve as a shade for animals as well as a visual screen for predators. The Next2Sun solar fence is not only capable of generating enough electricity to cover the needs of agriculture, but also offers a low-maintenance and weather-resistant replacement for traditional fences. The bifacial solar fence additionally represents another interesting possibility: it can realize in adjacent areas on site, self-sufficient generation solutions, such as water pumps or similar, for the consumer. In addition, the solar fence is ideal not only for all types of livestock, large and small, but also for farmland


Benefits of the Next2Sun solar fence

Cost comparison

The Next2Sun solar fence
as a fence alternative paid off faster than rooftop PV!

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Cover the energy requirements of a farm with an annual power consumption of 28,000 kWh with:

98.8 m of solar fence

Rooftop PV Solar fence
Investment costs € 24.9605 € 34.900
less Alternative fence € 0 -€ 7.9126
Net investment PV: € 24.960 € 26.988
Electricity yield p.a. € 3.4074 € 4.1064
PV paid off in 7.3 years 6.6 years
Total paid off in 9.6 years 8.5 years
+ much less maintenance

1 vacuum suction unit with 5 kW

2 heat lamp with 250 W

3 calculated with 40 kWh/fattening place/year (according to Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Elektrizitätsanwendung in der Landwirtschaft e.V.)

4 Savings in electricity consumption at current kWh prices from the regional standard supplier (25 ct/kWh), with an installed capacity of 20.8 kWp and an annual production of 1,050 kWp, with 80% (60%) self-consumption solar fence (rooftop), surplus feed-in at 6 ct/kWh

5 PV system price: calculated with € 1.200,- cost per kWp

6 Comparison product bar fence of comparable height (€ 80,- per linear meter)

Mean every 10 meters in addition: 9,30 € savings per week

Every 10 meters additionally mean:

9,30 € savings per week

Grafik Landwirtschaft Melkanlage aus Solarstrom betrieben
Grafik Landwirtschaft Wärmelampe
Grafik Landwirtschaft Lüftung Mastplätze aus Solarstrom

How much does the solar fence cost?

Calculate here, with the help of your personal property conditions, the possible output, the potential annual electricity yield and the rough estimated cost of your solar fence!

For the yield and cost estimation, we need the total length of the planned fencing/enclosure with the solar fence, as well as the number of corners or corner elements that may be needed.

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Construction and installation

Robust construction,
easy to assemble

Do you have questions about the solar fence?

Take a look at our FAQ with frequently asked questions about construction, installation, power yield, etc.

Thoughts on solar fences

I spent a long time looking for an alternative way to generate power. The solar fence provides shade and a protected outdoor area for my organic chickens, and also produces power for my farm and my tavern all year round.

Herbert Rohrmoser
Organic farmer and restaurant owner from St. Martin bei Lofer

Next2Sun’s innovation has made us even more independent. We wanted an alternative to a living fence that still provided privacy. The 65 metres of solar fence on our property now produce electricity, even in winter. A truly worthwhile investment!

Hermann Bernhofer
Management consultant and solar fence owner from Adnet

The solar fence is a good addition to existing solar concepts and perhaps also a good replacement for the neighbourhood-repelling plastic fences that are currently in fashion!

Olaf Lies
Lower Saxony Environment and Energy Minister
The Next2Sun concept

The full solar fence package

In cooperation with our regional installation and consulting partners, you will arrive at an optimal solution and implementation of your solar fence. We offer the following services:

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