Solar fence for companies and municipalities

Become energy self-sufficient

Fence with dual applications

Enclosures are usually unavoidable on commercial and industrial properties – with the Next2Sun bifacial solar fence, you can become an electricity supplier or cover your own electricity needs. The solar fence can make an important contribution to the generation of needed energy and increase self-sufficiency from external supply. The solar fence offers a variety of design options: In addition to enclosure and protection from intruders, the fence can act not only as a privacy screen and a high-quality decorative element. In addition, it is possible to further enhance the prestigious property visually and thereby convey innovation and sustainability at the same time.


Benefits of the Next2Sun solar fence

Cost comparison

The Next2Sun solar fence
Paid off faster than rooftop PV!

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Cover the energy requirements of a commercial company with an annual power consumption of 36,000 kWh with:

189.2 m of solar fence

Rooftop PV Solar fence
Investment costs € 36.0245 € 49.900
less Alternative fence € 0 -€ 22.7046
Net investment PV: € 36.024 € 27.196
Electricity yield p.a. € 4.7604 € 5.1694
PV paid off in 7.6 years 5.3 years
Total paid off in 12.3 years 8.5 years

4 Savings in electricity consumption at current kWh prices from the regional standard provider (19 ct/kWh), with an installed capacity of 30.02 kW and an annual production of 1,050 kWp, with 80% (70%) self-consumption solar fence (rooftop), surplus feed-in at 6 ct/kWh

5 PV system price: calculated with € 1.200,- cost per kWp

6 Comparison product: double bar fence incl. Assembly, price net in comparable amount (€ 120,- per linear meter)


How much does the solar fence cost?

Calculate here, with the help of your personal property conditions, the possible output, the potential annual electricity yield and the rough estimated cost of your solar fence!

For the yield and cost estimation, we need the total length of the planned fencing/enclosure with the solar fence, as well as the number of corners or corner elements that may be needed.

Construction and installation

Robust construction,
easy to assemble

Do you have questions about the solar fence?

Take a look at our FAQ with frequently asked questions about construction, installation, power yield, etc.

Thoughts on solar fences

At present, only 13.2 percent of the installed system capacity from renewable
Energies owned by tradesmen. Thereby, there is a Germany and Austria around 3.5
million companies whose energy needs offer enormous potential for the expansion of decentralized
Energy generation through photovoltaics offers.

Renewable Energies Agency

For example, you are thinking of building a new fence and are looking for the right approach here? Think about a solar fence: A solar fence is actually nothing more than a photovoltaic system with solar panels, except that the solar panels are not on the roof, but
be mounted on the fence.

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The Next2Sun concept

The full solar fence package

In cooperation with our regional installation and consulting partners, you will arrive at an optimal solution and implementation of your solar fence. We offer the following services:

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