The Next2Sun solar fence

Clever use of photovoltaics

Energy self-sufficient with solar power

Photovoltaic power generation has become increasingly popular, and not just because of the latest developments in the energy sector. Criteria such as energy independence or low-cost electricity for heating, self-consumption or the e-car also play a decisive role for many users. To generate solar power, most photovoltaic systems are or have been installed flat on roofs or green spaces – but this has one major drawback: they collect most of their energy at midday. Due to the overproduction of electricity at this time of day, the power grids tend to be overloaded.

The Next2Sun concept

What is the solar fence?

The solar fence from Next2Sun is the innovative counter-design to conventional PV systems: instead of placing the PV modules flat or at an angle, they are mounted vertically, which opens up completely new perspectives for photovoltaic use.

The “bifacial” solar fence is a product that collects solar energy on two sides through vertical mounting. This means that in the mornings and evenings – away from the peak times at midday – up to 10% more electricity can be produced, which also fetches up to 10% higher prices when fed into the grid.

Gewinner deutscher Solarpreis 2020
Winner of 2020 German Solar Prize
Gewinner Eurosolar Austria
Winner of 2019 Austrian Solar Prize

Details on the concept, application possibilities, electricity yield (compared to south-facing PV systems) as well as nature and environment, landscape, project planning, etc. can be found under the following link:

Why you should be interested in the solar fence

You profit several times over: on the one hand by enclosing your area or property, and on the other hand by optimized power generation. And if you already have a photovoltaic system on your roof surface, you can use a solar fence to create further potential for electricity generation and diversify your own energy production.

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Fence for your land or to partition off areas of the property

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Ideal dividers or fences for pasture land or livestock farming

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Companies & municipalities

Fence for commercial land or areas of all kinds


Your potential electricity yield

Determine here, based on your individual property conditions, the approximate costs and the potential annual electricity yield for your solar fence!

For the cost and yield estimation we need the total length of the planned fence/enclosure with the solar fence, as well as the number of corners or corner elements (if applicable).

Flexible design and yield

Various solar fence versions

Fences are essential for private, commercial and industrial properties as well as for farms with livestock. Therefore, use the possibilities of bifacial glass-glass PV modules in combination with our fence system. This is how your fence becomes a power supplier!

Different frame and foundation variants are available in a modular system for the various areas of application:

The premium version, specially developed for the end customer segment and representative buildings, includes a visually very appealing and high-quality square version, which is available in galvanised and RAL 7016. The most common is probably the color anthracite. In this design, especially the design plays an essential role.

The standard version, which is primarily designed for assembly and material efficiency, represents the simpler version of the two variants.

Several variants are also possible for the foundation or erection of the solar fence: an installation on concrete foundations or point foundations, masonry installations or pile-driven foundations. Depending on the application and the possibilities under building law, both a variant with one module row (height approx. 1.2 – 1.6 m) and a variant with two module rows (height > 2.3 m) can be used.

What are the benefits of the solar fence?

Four compelling arguments for the Next2Sun solar fence

Self-amortising – the fence that pays for itself
Dual use – land boundaries and electricity production
Highly efficient photovoltaics without significant land use
Easier maintenance than a rooftop installation and higher electricity yields in winter months
Integrated concept from a single provider

The full solar fence package

In cooperation with our regional installation and consulting partners, you will arrive at an optimal solution and implementation of your solar fence. We offer the following services:

Partner support

For large projects and fences, we also offer

Also take a look at our solar fence references!

Enjoy the benefits

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