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Make clever use of photovoltaics

Energy self-sufficiency with solar power

The latest developments in the energy sector are not the only reason for the increasing popularity of photovoltaics – criteria such as energy independence and cheaper private power for heating, private consumption or electric cars also play a key role for many users. In order to generate solar power, in the past (and still today) the majority of photovoltaics systems have been installed on rooftops or in open areas – but this has one major disadvantage: they collect the most energy in the middle of the day. Excess production of power at this time of day means that power grids tend to be near capacity.

The Next2Sun concept

What is the solar fence?

The Next2Sun solar fence offers an innovative alternative to conventional PV systems: rather than installing PV modules flat or diagonally, instead these are mounted vertically, opening up new prospects for the use of photovoltaics.

In the ‘bifacial’ fence, a product has been developed that collects solar energy on two sides thanks to its vertical alignment. This means that up to 10% more electricity can be produced in the mornings and evenings, i.e. outside of the midday peak, also achieving up to 10% higher prices when fed into the grid.

Gewinner deutscher Solarpreis 2020
Winner of 2020 German Solar Prize
Gewinner Eurosolar Austria
Winner of 2019 Austrian Solar Prize

Details about the concept, potential applications, electricity yield (compared with south-facing PV systems), nature and environment, impact on the landscape, project planning etc. can be found at the following link:

Why the solar fence is of interest to you

Benefit in multiple ways: firstly from a fence for your space or land, secondly from optimised power generation. And if you have an existing photovoltaics system on your roof, a solar fence allows you to take advantage of further potential to generate energy and diversify your own energy production.

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Your potential electricity yield

Enter the characteristics of your plot to calculate the rough costs and potential annual electricity yield for your solar fence!

For the yield and cost estimate, we need to know the total length of the planned fence/enclosure using the solar fence, as well as the number of corners or corner elements, if any.

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Please note: The amount given here includes the rough cost of the solar fence incl. PV modules, but without the cost of assembly, electrical material and labor.

Your projected annual energy yield

With east-west orientation of the elements
Calculation based on long-term average sunshine hours in Central Germany and Austria respectively

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Flexible design and yield

Various solar fence versions

Fences are crucial for private, commercial and industrial land, as well as agricultural land used for livestock farming. So take advantage of the potential of bifacial glass-glass PV modules in combination with our fence system. Let your fence become an electricity supplier! 

There are different frame and foundation options using a modular system available for use in the different areas of application:

the premium version, developed especially for the end customer segment and prestigious buildings, includes a visually very appealing and high-end square version available in every single RAL colour. The most commonly used colour is probably anthracite. Design plays a key role in this version of the fence.

The standard version, designed primarily for efficient installation and use of materials, is the simpler of the two versions.

There are also various options for the foundations and mounting of the solar fence: mounting on concrete foundations or individual footings, wall mounting, or piled foundations. Depending on the area of application and planning regulations, versions with a single row of modules (height approx. 1.2 – 1.6 m) or with two rows of modules (height > 2.3 m) can be used.

What are the benefits of the solar fence?

Four compelling arguments for the Next2Sun solar fence

Self-amortising – the fence that pays for itself
Dual use – land boundaries and electricity production
Highly efficient photovoltaics without significant land use
Easier maintenance than a rooftop installation and higher electricity yields in winter months
Integrated concept from a single provider

The full solar fence package

Working together with our regional installation and consulting partners, we provide the ideal solution and implementation of your solar fence. We offer the following services:

Partner support

For large projects and fences, we also offer

Take a look at our solar fence testimonials!

Enjoy the benefits

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