Rethinking photovoltaics
Dual use of open spaces
Solar fence
Land boundaries as electricity power plants

Photovoltaics innovation with significant additional yield

The Next2Sun concept

The core idea behind the Next2Sun system concept is the vertical alignment of special solar modules with solar cells on both sides, exploiting insolation on both the front and back. These ’bifacial’ modules are best facing east and west. This means that electricity is primarily produced in the morning and afternoon or early evening.
Our bifacial photovoltaics modules are particularly nature-friendly and agriculture-friendly and achieve high yields compared with conventional south-facing PV systems.

Four good reasons for choosing Next2Sun

Grafik Mehrertrag durch bifaciale Agri-PV
Higher yields
Achieve up to 15% higher electricity yields per kW installed compared with conventional ground-mounted systems
Grafik Stromertrag Tagesgang
Grid-serviceable feeding profile
Relieving strain on power networks thanks to feed-in during the morning and afternoon/evening
Grafik Agri-PV Anlage und landwirtschaftliche Nutzung
Vertical modules enable almost full agriculture use of the solar park area
Grafik Agri-PV Anlage und Natur
Environmentally friendly
Installation in open spaces promotes the development of diverse habitats for birds and insects
Innovation for the energy revolution

Photovoltaics with added value

Take advantage of real multiple use!
Based on our Next2Sun concept, our approach of vertically aligned and elevated bifacial solar modules covers two applications in the field of PV power generation:

  • Agrivoltaics solar power plants
  • Next2Sun solar fence

Agrivoltaics, agriphotovoltaics or Agri-PV is an umbrella term for open-area photovoltaics concepts that enable photovoltaics and agriculture to share use of the same space.


In agriculture and in large open areas

Solar fence

Your land boundary becomes a solar power plant

Impressive performance

Next2Sun in figures

Additional yield
1 %
More than
additional yield
1 %
More than
MW InStalled PoWer
Experts in agrivoltaics solutions

The Next2Sun agrivoltaics model

Flexible & individual solutions for win-win situations

The choice is yours! We are convinced that the energy revolution will require a massive expansion of renewable energies and thus flexible offerings and business models that offer prospects for everyone involved in the project.

Next2Sun as an agrivoltaics project developer

With this model, we serve not only as a planner and installer, but also as an operator for the agrivoltaic system on your land – like a real estate developer would be. This means that you benefit twice thanks to ongoing revenue from continuing to lease your land for agriculture or other use.

Next2Sun Agri-PV Solarpark Eppelborn-Dirmingen

agrivoltaic projects

2023-06-04 11.48.06
Agri-PV Test Facility in Sielinko, Polen
Agri-PV Test Facility in Nataf, Israel
Agri-PV Test Facility in Chino, Japan
Agri-PV Test Facility in Higashi-Matsushima, Japan
Sustainable, profitable investment

Agrivoltaics as an investment

Renewable energies are indisputably part of the future. The same goes for agrivoltaics with its dual use, as a major trend market thanks to the clever combination of agriculture and power generation. You can also benefit from this sustainable, lucrative opportunity to invest in the energy revolution
The inventors of the Next2Sun concept are still part of the company – so you are investing in huge expertise and patented technology.
You can invest from 500 to 1000 euros!

Drohnenaufnahme vom Agri-PV Solarpark Donaueschingen
About us

A strong partner for highly efficient PV systems

Our company is seeking to create efficient solutions for the energy revolution and for broad-based renewable energy generation with our new PV system concept. This reduces land usage in open-area photovoltaics and develops new areas of application for photovoltaic systems.

Our Next2Sun concept enables cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly power generation using photovoltaics by combining innovative multiple use with optimised power generation profiles. We want to work with you to expand the use of renewable energies, combat climate change and help protect the environment and the natural world.

And we have the right team to do it: thanks to many years of experience in renewable energy sources and the variety of professional backgrounds across every member of our team, we are able to continually develop our skills and strengths and thus build up solid expertise. As your trustworthy innovation partner, we are bringing the energy revolution – in more ways than one.

Testimonials from clients and partners

Feedback from our clients & partners

I spent a long time looking for an alternative way to generate power. The solar fence provides shade and a protected outdoor area for my organic chickens, and also produces power for my farm and my tavern all year round.

Herbert Rohrmoser
Organic farmer and restaurant owner from St. Martin bei Lofer

Next2Sun’s innovation has made us even more independent. We wanted an alternative to a living fence that still provided privacy. The 65 metres of solar fence on our property now produce electricity, even in winter. A truly worthwhile investment!

Hermann Bernhofer
Management consultant and solar fence owner from Adnet

The solar fence is a good addition to existing solar concepts and perhaps also a good replacement for the neighbourhood-repelling plastic fences that are currently in fashion!

Olaf Lies
Lower Saxony Environment and Energy Minister

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