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At the moment, the energy revolution in Europe (which is becoming increasingly urgent due to climate change) is creating a continuing supply of new challenges in implementing projects – not just for the operators of renewable energy systems, but also for regulators, energy providers, and above all for authorities and regional and municipal executive bodies.

This relates to not only the frequently cited duration of processes and approvals for systems, but also the establishment of framework conditions and the interpretation of regulations during implementation and construction. To ensure an environmentally friendly energy revolution, it is vital that all stakeholders – and in fact all of us in general – support such projects to enable climate-friendly and sustainable energy generation and correspondingly use and shape the corresponding framework conditions as flexibly and effectively as possible.

AgriPV for municipalities

If you are a municipality with grassland or open areas and an interest in agriPV systems, you can find further information about possible project implementations or a partnership with Next2Sun and the resulting benefits here.

Mäharbeiten in der Agri-PV Solaranlage
Land suitability and properties

Questions about agriPV for municipalities, authorities, ministries

In the course of a potential project, we ensure the earliest possible involvement for all people, authorities and organisations that will be affected by its use. Our goal is always to find a solution that not only fits the legal requirements, but also has framework conditions that will achieve maximum acceptance in the municipality and from residents.
We have tackled some associated questions in the section below. These and other general questions are also covered on our FAQ page. And of course, you can get in touch with us directly!

Agriphotovoltaics falls under the umbrella term ‘open area photovoltaics’ and covers concepts that enable photovoltaics and agriculture to share use of the same space.


The DIN SPEC 91434 technical rule ‘Agri-photovoltaic systems – requirements for primary agricultural use’ can be downloaded for free in various languages from the following link:


AgriPV systems offer numerous benefits for municipalities and communities to create sustainable value for their citizens and inhabitants with renewable energy sources and draw benefit.

As well as the jobs with local and regional companies created by building and operating the system and the host municipality’s increased importance in the region, an agriPV system can exploit environmentally compatible land (whether owned by the municipality or local owners/farmers) without significantly affecting its previous use.

Furthermore, depending on the model, electricity marketing or leasing can diversify or increase income for the municipality and/or owners.
However, an agriPV may also take the form of a flagship public participation project for the whole district and thus sustainably reduces reliance on the electricity market. In addition, our experience shows that acceptance of agriPV projects is higher than for wind farms.

Almost all areas are suitable unless they are not available for infrastructure projects due to their high environmental importance or overlaps with NATURA2000 areas. Exclusionary planning objectives must also be noted from land area use, regional, and federal planning. Proceedings to obtain permission to deviate from a planning objective are an option in individual cases.

Once a space has been identified, analysed and access to the space ensured, the municipality is approached. We are interested in a collaborative partnership that generally begins with an informative project presentation to a municipal decision-making committee. If a planning process is launched, the project developer covers all of the resulting costs. Involvement by the municipality, its citizens and other public interest parties is hugely important for the planning process. Regularly presenting the procedural steps and potential opportunities for participation will maintain close contact with the municipality.

Further information and answers to other questions you may have can be found on our agriPV FAQ page

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