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Calculate here, with the help of your personal property conditions, the possible output, the potential annual electricity yield and the rough estimated cost of your solar fence!

For the yield and cost estimation, we need the total length of the planned fencing/enclosure with the solar fence, as well as the number of corners or corner elements that may be needed.

Length of your property line (in meters) *
Total length of your fence or property line that you want to equip with the solar fence.
Number of required corner elements *
How many corners does the above property line have?
Self assembly?
Ground type *
Please note: The solar fence is not approved as fall protection (e.g. as a railing / balcony railing)
Soil condition *
Other soil *
Wall / foundation width in centimeter (cm) *
Wall / foundation height in centimeter (cm) *
Possible other infos about the wall / foundation
Estimated costs for your solar fence
appr. €

Net cost excluding VAT for on-wall installation, standard version

Please note: The amount given here includes the rough cost of the solar fence incl. PV modules, but without the cost of assembly, electrical material and labor.

Your projected annual energy yield

With east-west orientation of the elements
Calculation based on long-term average sunshine hours in Central Germany and Austria respectively

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Do you have questions about the solar fence?

Take a look at our FAQ with frequently asked questions about construction, installation, power yield, etc.
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The solar fence complete package

In cooperation with our regional installation and consulting partners, you will arrive at an optimal solution and implementation of your solar fence. We offer the following services:

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