Next2Sun and TEP Renewables push Agri-PV expansion in the UK



The international renewable energies developer TEP Renewables Ltd and Next2Sun Mounting Systems GmbH (Next2Sun in short) from Dillingen an der Saar are cooperating with immediate effect in the expansion of agri-photovoltaics in Great Britain.


TEP Renewables is a company born in the third millennium and projected into the future thanks to a sincere passion for innovation and sustainability. TEP Renewables design and build plants for the production of electricity from renewable sources, mostly next generation low-impact solar plants, harmoniously integrated into the landscape and the natural environment. TEP also imagine project solutions enriched by social and economic contents in response to the needs of the territory and local communities. TEP Renewables believe in the “green revolution” and the electrification of energy consumption and will continue working hard to reach a Net-Zero carbon world.

The Next2Sun Group has set itself the goal of offering solutions for the energy transition with a new plant concept: The basic concept of vertically installed, bifacial solar modules shift solar power production to times of otherwise low availability and avoids building over agricultural land. For the success of the energy transition, this means fewer conflicts of use, better coverage of electricity demand and lower storage requirements. Next2Sun has developed a wide range of products based on the vertical bifacial system technology and the patented frame system developed for it, and brought them to market maturity, particularly the vertical bifacial Agri-PV system and the bifacial solar fence.  As a result, Next2Sun today offers solutions for a wealth of applications for agriculture, the public and commercial sectors as well as the private sector as a multi-award-winning market and technology leader.

“More and more farmers worldwide are looking for efficient solutions to generate their own electricity from renewable sources and sell any excess without having to give up farmable land. The vertical bifacial system of Next2Sun is a state-of-the-art solution offering British farmers a new perspective on how they can maintain their agricultural production and become a prosumer at the same time,” says Leonardo Montesi, CEO of TEP Renewables.

Next2Sun AG CEO Heiko Hildebrandt is also sure that TEP Renewables and Next2Sun can make a big difference in the United Kingdom: “We are very happy to have found a partner in TEP that pursues the same goals as we do and lives the same values as we do. Especially thanks to the anti-cyclical generation profile of the vertical bifacial Next2Sun plants, we can quickly and efficiently expand renewable energies and thus accelerate the energy transition together.”

The first projects are already being planned and many more are sure to follow.


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