Luxor Solar KK is new exclusive partner of Next2Sun AG and realizes first Agri-PV project in Japan

Dillingen (Saar): Next2Sun AG and Luxor Solar KK have entered into a cooperation agreement: Luxor Solar KK is the exclusive sales partner for Next2Sun AG’s AgriPV solutions in Japan. Luxor GmbH has already been represented in the field of solar technology on the Japanese market since 2012. In addition to its German headquarters in Stuttgart, the company has other offices in Japan and the United States of America. The company has a decade of expertise in the development and production of solar modules and is now active in 70 countries.

Luxor successfully completed the construction of a first Next2Sun vertical bifacial agri-PV plant in Japan a few days ago. The new plant has a capacity of 96.6 kWp and is located in Fukushima Prefecture in Japan. The mounting structure of the plant comes from Next2Sun, and the heterojunction modules used are from Luxor. The AgriPV system was adapted by Next2Sun specifically for the Japanese market to withstand the high wind loads there. “We are very proud to have developed a variant of our Agri-PV system adapted for the Japanese market within a very short time and in close coordination with our colleagues from Luxor – these solutions complete our modular system and can be used in other markets in the future” says Next2Sun CEO Heiko Hildebrandt. “We are very pleased to be able to support Agri- PV projects with Next2Sun’s technology locally with our long-standing expertise and presence in Japan. We also see vertical bifacial Agri-PV technology as an excellent use case for our highly efficient heterojunction modules” explains Luxor Solar CEO Uwe Liebscher.

The plant was built for ISEP – Institute for Sustainable Energy Policy. ISEP is an independent, non-profit research organization founded in 2000 by energy experts and climate activists. Through its work, ISEP aims to provide resources and services for the realization of a sustainable energy society. Valuable research on the compatibility of various crops with vertical bifacial agri-PV systems is planned at the facility. Also, the facility will be used for research purposes regarding the energy yield of such plants in Japan.

A video of the construction of the plant can be found at:

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